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Saturday, May 23rd 11am - 8:45 pm

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11:00 am 8:45 pm (Please note: During home swim meets, the pool will open when the meet concludes (usually by noon).

Weekdays - June 12
3:00 pm - 8:45 pm

Weekdays, June 15 - August 21
11:00 am - 8:45 pm

Last Splash - Labor Day
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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They had scored a Western Conference high 55 goals this season not including shootout winners of which, 37 have come five on five. By comparison, the Oilers have scored just 16 five on five goals. Cheap vans for sale (Stripes) Pink/True White Shoes V25 Open the Vans Custom shop browser on your computer by clicking the screen shot for Vans . (they were very popular in.Do you like vans trainers started out sold direct to the publlic customers in 1966 in Anaheim, California. This brainchild of Paul Van Doren nearly instantly became connected with the culture of skater. Vans still gears many of its products toward skaters, snowboarders, surfers, and BMX riders. are created with skater style in heart, but also applying shoes technology to improve sport ability in these extreme sporting events. 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Read more about MacBeth Newman at this site at . ??cdysozoan horizontal transfer of a disease resistance gene Drosomycin type antifungal peptides (DTAFPs) are key innate immunity components of Drosophila and plants and confer resistance to fungal infection. Here we report the discovery of a multigene family of DTAFPs, comprising of 15 members (termed cremycin 1 to crymycin 15), in the fruit nematode Caenorhabditis remanei. Cremycins share highly similar amino acid sequences and identical precursor organization to drosomycins. Of the 15 cremycin genes, 10 are found to be transcriptionally active and 6 are upregulated after fungal challenge. Synthetic cremycin 5 is active on filamentous fungi and a series of clinical isolates of human pathogenic yeasts and exhibits low haemolysis and high serum stability. The specific distribution of DTAFPs in a clade of moulting animals (Ecdysozoa), including Arthropoda, Nematoda and Tardigrada, together with the widespread presence in plants but the absence in fungi and protozoans, provides evidence for horizontal transfer of a disease resistance gene between plants and ecdysozoans. (a) Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) showing evolutionary conservation of the precursor amino acid sequences between nematode and Drosophila DTAFPs, where hydrophobic or aromatic amino acids are shadowed in green, hydrophilic residues in cyan, acidic residues and their conservative replacements in red, basic in blue and cysteines in yellow. Residues split by a positionally conserved phase 1 intron among nematode DTAFPs are boxed in pink. Four conserved blocks across the alignment are boxed in grey. Secondary structure elements (cylinder: helix; arrow: strand) and disulphide bridge connectivities are extracted from the structural coordinates of drosomycin (pdb entry 1MNY). The dotted line represents the disulphide bridge absent in some members. Functional sites of drosomycin are italicized and underlined once. DTAFPs from Drosophila (D. melanogaster and D. takahashii) and nematodes (C. remanei and M. hapla) are indicated by black and grey bars to the left of the alignment, respectively. A proposed insertion in mehamycin is boxed in red; (b) the arrangement of cremycin genes in the chromosome of C. remanei. Arrows in different colours refer to the orientation of the genes and the sign,+ or , indicates transcription or no transcription when identified by RT PCR (Fig. 4a). (a) Values correspond to BLAST E values between DTAFPs from different origins. Arrows indicate the search direction; (b) the NJ tree resolving the relationship of DTAFPs. The scale bar indicates 0.2 substitutions per site. The topology of the tree is further confirmed by ML analysis with high bootstrap values (500 replicates) indicated in parentheses; (c) the sequence logo of DTAFPs, analysed by WebLogo19, identifying conserved sites (boxed in golden) between C. remanei and Drosophila or plants. (a) Cropped blots showing semiquantitative RT PCR detection of the expression of cremycin genes before and after fungal challenge. The complete blots are provided in Supplementary Fig. 1. Actin was used a control. All PCR products were amplified at an annealing temperature of 62C. M: DNA marker. : non challenged; +: challenged. Numbers represent PCR cycles; (b) ribbon diagrams of two cremycin structures modelled from drosomycin at the SWISS MODEL server50. The C atoms of conserved residues corresponding to the functional sites of drosomycin are displayed using the Corey Pauling Koltun (CPK) representation; (c) reversed phase high pressure liquid chromatography (RP HPLC) showing the retention time (TR) of chemically synthetic cremycin 5 in its oxidative form; matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI TOF MS) shown in inset; (d,e) effects of cremycin 5 (Crm 5) and drosomycin (Drs) on N. crassa. (d) Concentration dependent liquid growth inhibition. (n=3). Inhibition zones formed by 0.4nmol of peptides each well are displayed in the inset. (e) Morphological damages of N. crassa spores by 10M peptides. Photomicrographs were taken after 24h of incubation of the N. crassa spore suspension in 1 MEA in the absence or presence of the peptides. The damaged spores are indicated by red arrows. (a) Cell viability of C. albicans after treatment with cremycin 5, monitored using an MTT based assay. (n=3). Inhibition zones are shown in the inset; (b) effect of cremycin 5 on membrane integrity of C. albicans. Triton X 100 was used as a positive control; (c) scanning electron micrographs of C. albicans cells in the presence and absence of cremycin 5. The red arrow indicates budding of a normal cell; (d) transmission electron microscopic observation of effects of cremycin 5 on C. albicans cells. CW, cell wall; M, mitochondrion; N, nucleus. (a) MSA highlighting the conservation of amino acid sequences. Colour codes are detailed in Fig. 2a. N turn and C tail specific in scorpion toxins are boxed; (b) structural superimposition of drosomycin and AcraI 1, a toxin from the scorpion Androctonus crassicauda, highlighting the toxin specific regions (N ter and C ter). The model of AcraI 1 was built from the structure of Cn5 (pdb entry 2KJA), a crustacean toxin found in the venom of the scorpions C. noxius and C. suffusus suffuses51. The GenBank accession numbers of toxin sequences are AcraI 1 (P0C293), AcraI 3 (P0C294), BmKBT2 (AF151798), AaBTxL1 (Q4LCS8) and BmKIM (Q8I0K7).??ddie Bauer's Wrangler suitor Could the Mountain Man be taken over by the NASCAR man? I am intrigued that VF Corp. is interested in Eddie Bauer's Chapter 11 bankruptcy case and may try to buy the Bellevue retail chain's assets. The North Carolina apparel giant has well known brands, including North Face and Vans shoes. And its jeans line includes Wrangler, a brand that counts NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. as a pitchman, following his father, Dale Sr. VF is among several suitors apparently interested in snapping up Eddie Bauer's assets in a bankruptcy court fire sale, . As an aside, it's not surprising that Eddie Bauer's assets are creating a little auction fever. I had wondered if the opening bid of 2 million by the private equity firm CCMP Capital Advisors was too low for an Eddie Bauer scrubbed of its debt and with more than billion in revenue last year. Multiple bidding is good news for Eddie Bauer's creditors because it would mean a bigger pot of money for payouts. But would VF be a better fit for Eddie Bauer than the other potential bidders in a bankruptcy auction slated to start July 16? While CCMP has said it plans to keep Eddie Bauer's headquarters in Bellevue, retain its CEO Neil Fiske and keep most of the company's 370 stores, it's uncertain what other buyers would do. Except, of course, for the liquidator Gordon Brothers Group, another potential suitor. VF calls itself the world's largest apparel company, and has embarked on a strategy to become a global lifestyle apparel company. The company says it wants to beef up revenue from its lifestyle business its Outdoor and Action Sports, Sportswear and Contemporary Brands. And the company talks about a robust acquisition program.??mpire BMX Vans Shoes collaboration Share:ZSubscribe to ChannelsFollow the latest videos of your favorite sport. First up was Cult, who produced two runs of shoes with Vans, as seen on the feet of Vans team riders Dakota Roche and Chase Hawk. And then there was Colony, who also produced two runs of shoes with Vans, as seen on the feet of Vans team rider Ryan Guettler. Vans latest collaborative effort breaks away slightly from the established order instead of teaming up with a BMX hard goods brand, they paired up with Austin, Texas mail order Empire BMX. Introducing the Vans Empire BMX Ruark shoe. Empire BMXVans WaffleGrip outsole grips the pedals like no other sole on the planet. This is a collaborative effort between Empire BMX and Vans, designed by Adam Roye, says Empire BMX master of arms Thomas Williams. The shoe is vegan friendly, constructed of a full canvas upper, utilizing Vans' BLC cupsole for decreased weight and increased flexibility. (That means you can feel your pedals, or if you're like me, your pegs.) Further details include a Vanslite midsole to prevent heel bruising, Vans trademark WaffleGrip outsole, a dual layered tailwhip patch for added protection where the shoe mets the pedals on tailwhips, a double stitched upper for improved durability, gusseted tongue and woven labels. And oh yeah, the insoles have a photo of Empire BMX's store front in Austin, along with the phrase I drink your milkshake. Empire BMXCustom Empire BMX themed insoles feature Empire's storefront and Adam Roye's favorite phrase. Between their efforts first with Trend Bike Source and now with Empire BMX, Tom and Tina Williams have been keeping BMXers in Austin, Texas and beyond stocked with the very latest in BMX hard and soft goods for over two decades. Instead of growing and then selling the business, Tom and Tina have kept their feet on the ground and their motives in BMX altruistic. And to have a world renowned brand such as Vans recognize Empire's efforts and grace them with a collaborative shoe is straight up awesome. dRelated1J2014 Dew Tour Portland highlightsThe Dew Tour returns to its old stomping grounds in Portland, Oregon for the latest incarnation of the Toyota City Championships, featuring BMX dirt and BMX streetstyle. 2JChase Hawk Day in AustinThe City of Austin, Texas officially recognized X Games gold medalist Chase Hawk for his achievements in BMX, naming August 16 as Chase Hawk Day. 3VBrian Foster: What's next after BMX?Brian Foster had done it all, from winning BMX races to winning X Games gold. Now, with a legendary BMX career under his belt, Foster wonders, What's next? 5J2014 Aqua Olympics in AustinAustin BMXers gather for the fourth annual Aqua Olympics, where BMX lake jumping joins outdoor activities such as stand up paddle board jousting and aqua tug o wars. 6RBike check Subrosa's Mark MulvilleSubrosa's Mark Mullville puts in some time at Woodward and shares his latest setup, a Subrosa decked out with Profile components. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Your Facebook name, photo other personal information you make public on Facebook will appear with your comment, and may be used on ESPN TMs media platforms. Learn more??ncyclopedia of Bumbershoot Have you ever tried snowboarding in your life? Winter s over but how about preparing yourself for the coming season? A player descends a slope covered with snow in this sport on a snowboard attached to a rider s feet while wearing special boots. You just need to equip yourself with the right snowboarding shoes that would make you comfortable on the hill. If you have wet, sore or cold feet then you cannot fully enjoy the sport. Vans shoes is an American brand that offers skateboarding, snowboarding boots and other kinds of shoes that mainly serve the youth market. All these boots are the same on the inside but they are different on the outside. A liner is present on all these snowboarding boots which is referred to as the inner bladder. Your feet remain warm and receive support from the inner bladder which also keeps them dry drawing away water. These boots can be used with Flow in Bindings and Highback Bindings for a very comfortable wear. When you wear soft boots, you can have the freedom to move to any direction. Even when you don t feel like snowboarding, they could serve you well while driving your car or simply walking. Hard plastic forms their outer shell and ratchet or buckles are used to close it.??ssential Advantages of Boots You know how many ladies and sometimes men of all ages usually are not too eager regarding Wintertime for one particular reason or one other. All those outfits we need to be dressed in is the thing that people detest about it quite possibly the most. A lot of factors are totally different right now. Yet boots are still mostly deemed to be part of wintertime garments. Have you ever thought about where the realistic problem is? I gave it a deep thought and stumbled on a bottom line that when I was young I had difficulty getting a pair of boots my parents would buy me on. Not just this, but they also were usually not extremely comfy, due to the fact I had extremely big feet for my years. In addition to all that I could truthfully almost never discover a set I really wanted. Things are really varied now that there are so many fascinating developer boots around. At present boots don't even have to be that uncomfortable, I mean after all we reside in the era of Uggs; nor do they have to be difficult to placed on or take off. In the end of the day it is all about liking a thing or not. While not many years ago I would almost never give some thought to sporting boots to a celebration, especially if they'd high heels, now they are among my personal favorite finishing touches. Styles like that primarily come of from Asia. I am assured you know all about that. Brilliant blend of skinny jeans paired with boots. There is almost nothing that shows off both your body's shape and outlines better than a set of glossy looking bluejeans, put together with designer leather boots. When you are purchasing boots there is definitely a range of types, layouts and obviously selling prices you can pick from. Typically I wait for the post wintertime bargains where all of sudden countless outstanding exclusive models get their costs drop like a rock! Determining where to search for boots is of huge value for securing your bargain priced pair! One or two years ago I've had the chance to see a tiny part of the Nippon Urban Fashion and I really enjoyed their designer boots. They unquestionably are craze setters and it will be a while until finally the newest brands reach us from the pavements of Tokyo. Anyways, boots appear lovely and are secure dependant upon the materials that are used to generate them. If you are good at blending and complimenting dresses, a great pair of boots can improve your style.??ssential Men's Shoes You probably already have the shoes you need the most. If you do heavy work, you probably have work boots. Athletes know the importance of good shoes and have probably filled of those needs; but what about the other times? Before you condemn yourself to a life in running shoes, or running out at the last minute to find the right shoes for any occasion, check out this list of essential men's shoes. These additions to your wardrobe will have you stepping out in style for nearly any situation. 1. The Dress Shoe Men's Shoes for Dressy OccasionsEven if you don't wear suits to work, there will be plenty of suit or dressy occasions when you'll need a sharp dress shoe. Lace up or slip on shoes can work well, and a shinier finish usually looks a bit more formal. These shoes might get a lot of wear, so comfort is essential, as is the time of year. For winter months and colder climates, men might opt for a stylish boot, and when the temperature is higher, a chic sandal can fill this role. Choose something you like well enough that you can wear it often, and in a style that suits your personality and tastes. I love these Frye Manny loafers, because they're simple, but in a really good way. 3. Dressy Casual Men's Shoes for Dressing Up Casual AttireFor times when you want to appear as though you've made an effort to look nice, but a suit seems overdone, you'll want a shoe that is a bit more formal than your everyday shoes. The Bigg loafer from Steve Madden is a good example of a dressy casual men's shoe. 4. All Purpose Sneakers Comfortable Casual Men's ShoesIf you're an athlete, you already have sneakers specific to your sport of choice. But essential to any wardrobe of men's shoes is a general sneaker. Leave the high end running shoes for when you're actually running, and invest in a comfortable, classic sneaker that you can wear for everyday purposes. The Adidas Campus has retro styling and is available in an array of colors, but again you'll want a shoe that suits your own personality and wardrobe. Suggested ReadingAdvice for Choosing Men's ShoesHOT or NOT: Men's Retro SneakersFind Air Jordan Shoes Related Guide PicksTop Picks in Men's Dress ShoesHot Styles in Men's BootsTop Picks Dr. Martens Doc Martens Casual Shoes Other Related Resources Guide PicksCustom Vans Shoes Design Your OwnFall ShoesTop Eight Men's Casual Reebok ShoesMen ShoesBuying Shoes on a Shoestring Budget: How You Can Save Money on FootwearMen Shoes: Styles, Trends and How to WearMen Shoes: Styles, Trends and How to WearChoose Running Shoes How to Choose Running Shoes VideoEtnies Skjorter! Det var engang en bonde som hadde tre snner, Thor luer, Thor caps og . han var i sm kr og gammel og skrpelig, og snnene ville ikke ta seg noe til. Til grden hrte en stor, god skog, og den ville faren at guttene skulle bruke Thor jakker, og Thor Hoods, og se f betalt unna noe p gjelden.Langt om lenge fikk han dem ogs p det Vans klistremerker, og den eldste skulle ut og hugge frst. Da han var kommet bort i skogen og hadde tatt til hugge p en Vans Shorts, kom det et stort, digert Vans T.shirts til ham. Dersom du hugger i min skog, skal jeg kle deg med Dragon T-shirts men det hadde seg slik at gutten likte bare Etnies klistremerker og DC klistremerker. Da gutten hrte det, kastet han ksen og la hjem igjen det beste han kunne. Han kom rent andpusten hjem og fortalte om DC T-shirts og metal mulisha sko det som hadde hendt han men faren sa han var et harehjerte trollene hadde aldri skremt ham fra hugge da han var ung, mente han. For trollet gikk med rockstar energy klistremerker og rockstar energy luer. Dagen etter skulle den andre snnen av sted, og da gikk det nettopp like ens. Da han vel hadde hugget noen hugg i granen, kom trollet til ham med og sa Dersom du hugger i min skog, skal jeg drepe deg! Gutten torde snaut se p ham, han kastet ksen og tok til sprangs likesom broren og vel s fort. Da han kom hjem igjen, ble faren sint, og sa at aldri hadde trollene skremt ham, da han var ung. Tredje dagen ville Askeladden i vei. Ja, du! sa de to eldste, du skal vel klare det, du som aldri har vrt utom stuedra! Fordi du har fox T-shirts. Han svarte ikke strre p det, Askeladden, men ba bare om f dugelig niste med seg. Moren hadde ingen sul, og s hengte hun p gryta for breste litt til ham det fikk han i skreppen, og la av grde. Da han hadde hugget en liten stund, kom trollet til ham og sa: Dersom du hugger i min skog, skal jeg drepe deg! Men du skal f monster energy jeans og monster energy caps. ??xplore Research B web blog Boudicca is a British based fashion label which was founded in the year 1997 by the designers Zowie Broach and Brian Kirby. Zowie visited the University of East London and gave a very inspiring lecture about her work and story, to the fashion students. She first explained where the name of the label comes from, and stated that Boudicca was an ancient queen of England that was a warrior and a leader to her people and Boudicca today represents the spirit of a strong woman that makes decisions and has a great influence. Zowie drags inspiration for the themes of her collections from various human sciences such as history, philosophy, mathematics, geography and arts, and she believes that it is essential for people to think back in time and explore the ghosts of the past, those people that achieved the world as it is through their dreams and visions. When creating her collections, she puts a lot of weight to the tailoring and structure of the garments and referencing some points of the history she finds interesting. She stated that she still keeps sketchbooks and imagery collection, reads books to get informed about new themes and still wants to improve her pattern cutting skills. She criticized today education of fashion institutes and believes that the students should be free to create what they want with no limits from the teachers. She talked about the 80 when she was a fashion student at the Middlesex university and said that all the people in her class created eccentric and unwearable clothing and this was the of the creativeness, innovation and the beginning of the global world. She stressed the importance of technology in the fashion industry and how this can give numerous possibilities for an artist as coding is the language of the future and she advised the students to start being aware of all these possibilities. She also talked about the labels participation in the catwalks of London, Paris and New York and she said she does not want to do this anymore because the stress is so high that changes people and make them more aggressive, which is a role she does not like. Today the label creates garments that they distribute via their webpage and mix it with artistic photography and by the use of materials such as spray, celotape and tissues. Right after the lecture, the students had the opportunity to look through all the catalogues, inspiration books and leaflets of the label as well as have a try of the famous art perfume WOBE. Folk metal is a music movement that takes place in the metal scene from 2000 even until today. When talking about folk, I mean the northern ancient mythology, religion and history of countries like Germany, Finland, the Scandinavia, and parts of the Scotland and Ireland. The musicians and fans of folk metal take inspiration from the Vikings, the Celtics, the Saxons and other tribes that where settled in middle Europe during early medieval, even the pirates. They believe in magical and fantasy creatures and love nature. After the musical section of Viking style, there where also many moviesreleasedbased on the same or similar topics. What is very interesting about folk metallers is that support a certain style that comes back from the medieval years, in such a true and exact way. They wear lots of fur wherever possible like boots gloves and big fur collars, destroyed leather skirts, trousers and tops many of them dye they face and body with red acrylic colour that reminds of blood, so that they look like they came back from a battle. Accessories they usually wear are metallic and carved in Nordic knot motives and runes, big leather wristbands and a Thor hammer necklace. A very popular trend that found extension in the year 2004 and lasted until 2006, in Greece and particularly Athens, was the Trendy look This style was created and embraced by the teenagers of the ages between 14 and 20 and was mainly addressed to teenagers coming from wealthy families around the north suburbs of Athens. The main aim of the trendy teenagers, how they were called, was to show their economical state through their clothes and highlight the hometown they came from. They often went shopping in the most popular area, back then, area, Kiffisia where many designer brands and boutiques had their own stores. They mainly were dressed casually but with style and the brands they key items they would wear, were hoodies in different bright colours, really tight jeans and converse all starts or vans shoes.They mainly were dressed casually but with style and the brands they key items they would wear, were hoodies in different bright colours, really tight jeans and converse all starts or vans shoes. The girls where showing their feminine side in a very cute way as they where dressed in pink or other bright colours, using many different fabric patterns like colourful polka dots and stripes, cutting their trousers up to the point of the ankle, putting on ballerina shoes and millions of bracelets in both wrists in the clours of the rainbow. Their hair was a kind of pre mature emo style, with much volume on the top, fringe and decorated with small bows. Key items you would usually see them using where the Longchamp bag in all the colours, perfectly waxed Barbour jacket, Tommy Hilfiger pullovers and GAP hoodies, Paul Frank t shirts, Diesel jeans and enormous sunglasses. One of the sub trends that started evolving in the USA during the middle 90 was the Chic or Chic In a time where technology started developing and being moreaccessible to the masses, where peoplestarted using computers for their jobs and e mails as means of communication, the nerd chic style became popular for people between the ages of 20 and 30. The nerd style was mainly adopted by cutting edge trendsetters who believed that geeks were really smart, well educated and could reach high places in jobs. That made them feel comfortable in aspects of their own education and they where people who were guaranteed to succeed and reach a high status. The same time many movies and series were released dragging themes from the lifestyle of a real nerd, a person who is really smart, obsessed with technology and sociallyawkward. Some of the key items that those people chose for their styling where big glasses,Chunky, plastic rimmed, t shirts with electronic logo stamps, sweatshirt vests and check shirts. For women, the skirt should be A line or straight. They would always walk around with the latest technology gadgets in their hands or pockets . One of the major trends to be observed in the 90 was the grunge style or, as sometimes referred, theSeattlestyle. Grunge was basically a music movement that started in the late 80 but was brought to the mainstream by theSeattle based band Nirvana, and later Pearl Jam, in the 90 The alternative rock indie grunge style that pervaded the 90 defined the look of the generation. Kurt Cobain front man of Nirvana, became an idol for hundreds thousands of teenagers of the western world and his style influenced them radically. Just from the name of the trend, anyone can understand that we are talking about untidy and unkempt appearance and attitude, from the grunge musicians but the funs as well. Their style did not evolve by consciously attempting to create a fashion, the opposite they struggled to remain underground. Grunge bands refused to embrace the complex and high budget presence of other bands from the 80 including both their appearance on stage and their clothing. The key characteristics of the grunge fashion are the thrift store clothes, including the flannel shirts, the unwashed hair, baggy trousers in colour green or blue jeans, doc martens boots or converse all stars and long hair. The Scottish fashion stylist Ray Petri started the Buffalo look in the 80s that had a lasting influence on menswear. He collaborated with the fashion stylist Jude Blame, the photographers Mark leBon and Jean Baptist Mondino and designer Jean Paul Gaultier in order to create the Buffalo style. He dragged inspiration from Jamaican Ragamuffins, punks, rude boys and New romantics and took the word Buffalo from Bob Marley song Soldier McLaren song Gal and Vivienne Westwood Buffalo collection and finally defined the image of Buffalo style. The main characteristic of the Buffalo style was it was really androgynous in many ways as the female figures of the decade style wore lace, leggings, rubber bangles, and glittery tops and often had make up on their face, while as women wore oversized streetwear and looked really untidy. The clothes where usually unstructured and oversized, and Ray Petri often restructured clothing if he could not get the shape he wanted and used tough, stylised black and white imagery that had a big influence on mainstream fashion.??xtreme dreams come true at camp Every year, thousands of scruffy youth from around the world flock to this remote village in central Pennsylvania that has more Amish buggy crossings than street lights. They come wearing baggy pants, Vans shoes and rings dangling from their noses. They blare hip hop and punk rock music from their boom boxes, but they don't bring cell phones. The town is so secluded, it's almost impossible to get reception. What brings them here, to the middle of nowhere, a place with a population of 126, where the one grocery store in the next town over has a hitching post for horses? Woodward Camp does. It is the center of the universe for the extreme sport set, where every aspiring boarder, blader and biker dreams of one day setting foot. It's a great place to come ride and do tricks, said 17 year old Dennis Dombrow of Chicago, a BMX biker whose dark wavy hair covers his eyes. It's so much better than home. Interest in action sports the new preferred term is growing by leaps and jumps as participation in organized sports such as football and basketball declines, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. The most popular action sport is in line skating, which had 18.8 million participants in 2002. If you need further proof of the rising popularity of exteme sports consider: skateboarder Tony Hawk was the overwhelming favorite male athlete in the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award, dusting mainstream superstars Shaquille O'Neal, Tiger Woods and Barry Bonds. Driving the movement is the X Games, ESPN's brainchild, which showcases 300 of the world's best action sport athletes who compete for more than million in prizes. NBC now has its own Gravity Games. The X Games started Aug. 8 and end today at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. They could be the most widely viewed in the competition's nine year history with advertisers such as Right Guard, Mountain Dew and Sony Playstation spending millions in commercials. The publicity has not only legitimized the sports, but has created a demand for action sport camps. As a result, Woodward opened a second site in southern California this year, and it played host to the Downhilll BMX race earlier this month at the X Games. Crammed with concrete skate bowls, dirt jumps and humongous vert ramps (half pipes constructed of wood), Woodward draws roughly 10,000 kids each summer to one of its 14 sessions. About 40 miles east of State College on the site of a former dairy farm, the 425 acre camp is utterly sick. That's not sick as in gross. That's sick as in the ultimate cool; extreme sport parlance for executing a back flip on a BMX bike, landing a pop shove it on a skateboard or performing a soul grind on in line skates. This is how professional BMXer Kevin Robinson used it one day last month at Woodward after propelling his bike skyward off a 13 foot half pipe vert ramp, then flipping sideways: That was a sick trick. A gaggle of preteen boys standing on the deck of the vert ramp gasped as Robinson, one of the big guns in the sport, became a yellow and chrome blur above their heads. You're an awesome biker, dude, 11 year old Harout Babigan of New York told a sweaty Robinson after he paused on the deck to regain his breath. That's what makes Woodward, Woodward, said Director of Operations Steve Maverick Hass. Pros just walk around. They're not inaccessible. More than 150 professional athletes train at Woodward each year, giving campers a rare opportunity to mingle with their idols and solidifying the camp's reputation. For me, it's all about hanging out with the kids, said 27 year old Nathan Wessel, considered one of the best BMX riders in the world. I'm a real person. I'm not some rock star just because I'm in a magazine. We're all on the same page here. This is home to me. Home started in the early 1970s as a top notch training facility for elite gymnasts. A portion of the camp is still devoted to the sport. We were looking for ways to stabilize enrollment, said Hass, who bears a passing resemblance to Tom Cruise's character in the movie Top Gun and capitalizes on it by wearing a jumpsuit and dark glasses on opening day. At the time, Woodward founder Ed Isabelle's son developed a love for dirt bike riding so the camp built a BMX track and began holding competitions. The gamble paid off, and in 1982 BMX ramps and instruction were added to the program. In 1988, skateboarding joined the lineup, followed by in line skating in 1993.??acts About Air Jordan Shoes The first Air Jordan's were designed by Peter Moore. Moore designed the shoes to match the uniform of the Chicago Bulls (red and black). However, Moore did not realize that at the time the National Basketball Association required all players to wear white sneakers. Jordan wore the shoes despite the requirement and the subsequent fines he was forced to pay only helped to market the shoes. The Air Jordan's were unique in that Nike released new designs annually. As of 2009, new designs continue to be released by Jordan Brand, a subdivision of Nike. While the designs vary, the distinct Jumpman logo is often incorporated in some manner. The high cost of Air Jordan's combined with their popularity led to several well publicized muggings and murders over the shoes in the late 1980s and early 1990s, primarily among inner city youths. The violence led Sports Illustrated to feature the cover story Your Sneakers or Your Life in 1990. According to a May 1990 article in the New York Times, Spike Lee, a film director who directed and also appeared in several commercials for Air Jordan shoes, blamed the problem on ''the breakdown of the family structure rather than on the sneakers or the people who endorsed them.

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