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2015 Pool Hours

Opening Day
Saturday, May 23rd 11am - 8:45 pm

All Weekends
11:00 am 8:45 pm (Please note: During home swim meets, the pool will open when the meet concludes (usually by noon).

Weekdays - June 12
3:00 pm - 8:45 pm

Weekdays, June 15 - August 21
11:00 am - 8:45 pm

Last Splash - Labor Day
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Franklin Knolls Pool
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Phone Number
Mailing Address
Franklin Knolls Pool
PO Box 3035
Silver Spring MD

News and Announcements

Text updates: To receive text updates of emergency closings and event reminders, text @FranklinKnollsPool to 23559

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Vans shoes sale UK Old Skool Suede Skate Shoes Mens BrownWhite V426 Please also try to come up with original post titles. Submissions that use certain clichs/memes will be automatically tagged with a warning. vans off the wall hats In his most recent and most gravity defying X Men project, Furze set out to make Magneto shoes magnetic boots he used to walk on the ceiling of his workshop. He got old microwave ovens from a scrapyard and removed their magnetic coils, running a current through them to make electromagnets strong enough to hold his body weight. Then he strapped the magnets to a pair of old Vans shoes, and voil he was soon hanging upside down like a bat from a metal strip bolted to the ceiling.

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In his most recent and most gravity defying X Men project, Furze set out to make Magneto shoes magnetic boots he used to walk on the ceiling of his workshop. He got old microwave ovens from a scrapyard and removed their magnetic coils, running a current through them to make electromagnets strong enough to hold his body weight. Then he strapped the magnets to a pair of old Vans shoes, and voil he was soon hanging upside down like a bat from a metal strip bolted to the ceiling. boys black vans How to Tie your shoes with one hand. chukka vans

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