Hotels That Offer Extra

It is about time that you held a conference in Gatwick, your hometown, to display your new services and products to your clients, based all over the United Kingdom, and some from overseas too. Apart from showing them your latest offerings, you can also use this opportunity to meet your clients in person and have a friendly chat with them. However, considering the huge number of products that you plan to release soon, you will have to hold a conference spanning a couple of days. Therefore, it makes no sense in booking a conference venue that does not offer lodging and food facilities, unless you are willing to hire some other spot for them to sleep and have their lunch and dinner. Your best option lies in accommodating them in a hotel, specifically one that has conference rooms. Make sure that you book a hotel that is situated at close quarters to the airport, as this reduces the travelling time to and from the hotel for your guests. A quick online search will provide you with details of hotels near gatwick airport. Once you have found a hotel of your choice, which has a conference hall too that can accommodate all of your invitees, book the requisite number of rooms online through the online payment gateway of the hotel.

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Provide something extra

No doubt, you will please your guests the food and lodging facilities, but why do you not offer them something extra? They will no doubt like to relax in a swimming pool at the end of a gruelling session of viewing your upcoming products, and before going for their afternoon siesta. You can show your care for them by booking one of the many hotels near Gatwick Airport that has a swimming pool included. Apart from this, search for a hotel that also offers a gym, as this will allow the attendees to exercise and tone their muscles in the morning. It would be awesome if the hotel also has a restaurant come bar in its premises. You can be sure that your invitees will remember the hospitality provided to them at the end of the conference. This provides you with the opportunity to secure more orders from them and increase your business. Here is a list of some of the popular hotels for you to choose from:

- Hilton London Gatwick Airport

- Sofitel London Gatwick

- Courtyard by Marriott London Gatwick Airport

- Holiday Inn Gatwick